De Voice is a sensational music minister and producer.

Full Name: Ajayi Oluwasegun
Citizen: Nigerian

Song Lyrics
Verse 1
I feel so happy inside for the things I see
Glory to God o for victory
There were so many times
That I slept in tears
And kept hoping for a day
That a change will come
I was tired of living and afraid of dying
I could see everyone moving
But I was going nowhere
With a heavy heart
I pray to God everyday
Glory to Jesus
It is over now

Ayomide o (2x)

Verse 2:
All my life I’ve been waiting
For this day and this moment
No more sorrows and worries
Now I am happy again
So many times I have fallen
Cos I’ve been living in fear
They thought that
I wouldn’t make it
But I am stronger now
I was tired of trying
But I didn’t want to loose
Cos I’m born to be grate
Its my destiny
At the end of the tunnel
There will surely be light
My weeping is over
And my joy has come

(Back to chorus)

Weeping may endure for a night
But joy comes in the morning
Joy has come/2x
I know who I am
The seed of Abraham
The lines are fallen in pleasant places for me
Joy has come 2x
Joy has come
Joy has come

(Back to chorus)
And I give God the glory
He has given victory
I’m winning and I’m shinning everyday
And all things are working for me
Cos I know that I got you by side
That I got u by side
Ayonitemi ooo
Ayonitemi ooo.

By De Voice……..

AYOMIDE lyrics- De Voice

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